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I look at a book which lies before me and also analyze the image of the waves dashing against the concave sea-wall at Scarborough. Which is the reality? Or are both memories?

I decide that the book is real, and that the curling waves are only redeveloped. But on what ground?

In re-development the re-instated object generally appears without appreciable environment.

When the place as well as the re-developed object is familiar, the surroundings are re-developed and the object appears set in a proper frame; but even then our spiritual sight cannot readily range as in normal observation.

Either the absence of a frame, or the mechanical presence of one particular one, tends to confirm us in our implicit judgement that we are dealing with a secondary and not with a primary system.

I conclude, therefore, that the book is external, but not the waves. Organized reaction settles the matter in practice. I could write down what the image of the sea yielded, go to Scarborough, and compare my notes with the reality. How feeble the former would appear when brought face to face with the latter. We do not, however, wish to make the journey.—1902